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The Enlightened Man

The Enlightened Man

From The Hidden Glory of the Inner Man

By Torkom Saraydarian
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Let us mention some of the virtues of an Enlightened Man:

An Enlightened Man is an optimist. This is not the result of his emotional and mental reactions to his experiences, but a consequence of his insight into the future.

The curious thing is that his optimism does not prevent him from seeing the defects and dangers of the moment. He recognises the wrong motives, or distorted intensions of others. He handles these with love, but keeps them harmless. This may be compared to the training of a tiger. The trainers love their tigers; they know the dangers involved, but are able to handle both their love and their knowledge of the dangers.

An Enlightened Man is courageous, daring and fearless, but he is not a fool. He is courage, daring and fearless are the result of his clear vision and understanding of reality. He risks his life only if he is sure that in losing it he will save a greater number of lives, or bring greater unfoldment to humanity.

He can move quickly. He forgives, but is vigilant and watchful of your next move. He trusts you, but does not initiate you into a labor for which you are not ready. He recognizes the defects in your work, but keeps you at this work so long as you do not get out of control, thereby giving you a chance to discover your hidden weaknesses and remove them.

An Enlightened Man has neither friends, favorites, or enemies, only co-workers. For him the important goal is the Plan, and whoever is capable of forwarding the working out of the Plan is his co-worker.

An Enlightened Man is an idealist, but he is also a very practical man; he is down-to-earth, but soars to great heights.

An Enlightened Man has no fear of death, as he already lives in the eternal,
but this does not mean that he is careless of his health and the sanitary conditions of his environment.

He is a balanced being with balanced activities and a balanced form of expression. He saves a penny and spends millions. He takes long rests and vacations but labors hard and continuously. He knows how to command and how to obey. He is both a teacher and a student. He knows when to speak and when to keep silent.

An Enlightened Man radiates love, magnetism, blessings, serenity, healing powers.

The presence of an Enlightened Man is a great blessing. He inspires courage, labor, observation, daring and sacrifice. He enables you to meet yourself. He lets you see not only your vanities, but also your eternal star of the future. Above all, he inspires the spirit of striving, endurance, trust, patience and gratitude.

The story of Enlightenment or Illumination is the story of the expansion of the Consciousness and Awareness. An Enlightened Man has a broader understanding of matter, energy, space and time, more intensified control over them, and a greater sense of responsibility in his handling of them.

In Sanskrit we find the word "Budhi", meaning discernment of the good from evil, or discrimination between right and wrong.

It refers also to Divine Conscience, to pure love and to straight knowledge.

In the West we use the word "Intuition" as a synonym for the word "Budhi".

We also have the word Buddha, the Enlightened One,
the One who entered into the light of Budhi Intuition.

The word "Buddha comes from the root Budh"
which means to see, to perceive, to know, to wake, to recover consciousness.

Thus each Buddha is an enlightened being awakened to the realities of great life, one who has much knowledge and
love to give to the cause of the liberation of humanity. A Buddha is the embodiment of pure wisdom.

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As each life increases its own light, it increases the light of others.

enlightened Pictures, Images and Photos

Together We Can Change The World

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Anonymous said...

I too ma a "weaver, an ever evolving expression of the Energies of Unity, Infinity and Love. A Unconditional Love of Consciousness." What an amazing experience life is.

I do love your web page. Thank you for posting. Is the art yours? If so, I'd like to use it on a web page dedicated to these things.

I think that people like me and you represent the next evolutionary step in humankind's progress. Isn't it wonderful to know that? What a wonderful world this will be when enough know that they are the creators of their own reality (and we are the creators of ours)!